Book Funsies, GoodReads Monday

Goodreads Monday

One of my absolute, all-time, favorite authors, Maria V. Snyder released a new series called the Sentinels of the Galaxy. The first one being Navigating the Stars, the second being Chasing the Shadows, and the finale is Defending the Galaxy I made a rule for myself years ago that I wouldn’t read books that I knew were going to be trilogies until the entire series was done. I had never been able to stick with that when it came to Maria’s books however. BUT NOT THIS TIME. I did it this time. The last book, Defending the Galaxy, is debuting on November 23, 2020. I’m going to start reading books one and two approximately a week before that.

Book 1: Navigating the Stars
Book 2: Chasing the Shadows
Book 3: Defending the Galaxy

I’m not sure I can really explain to you guys how much I have been anticipating reading these. Since I discovered Poison Study so many years ago (seriously, you should see my copy, the cover is held on with tape, and that’s my SECOND copy), I have devoured everything that Maria has written. I have no doubts whatsoever that this series will give me that same sense of happiness and wonder.

If you haven’t read any of Maria’s books, do it. Trust me. I cannot recommend an author more. Her ability to weave a story into beautiful worlds is beyond amazing.

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