I love books. It is as plain and simple as that. My love of books goes back as far as I can remember with heroines like Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldan (don’t stress if you don’t know who that second one is – but you should check her out). When I was little my sister insisted I read Nancy Drew. I tried, but found that I couldn’t get into them over my beloved Trixie books or Happy Hollister books. Then, one day, sick in bed with my sister home taking care of me, she brought me Nancy Drew #55: The Mystery of Crocodile Island. Basically threw it at me, said “This is what you’re reading, I’m not giving you other options.” And for some reason it finally clicked. I burned through every Nancy Drew book she had in her collection, and then some. I had always been a reader, but at that point my desire for books became insatiable. Thanks Kate 😉

I started this blog ages ago. At first as a way to get my thoughts written down, then as a way to connect to other bookish people. After leaving my job as (essentially) YA Lead B&N, where I had been for 8 years, I found myself missing knowing what books were coming out. What books were exciting people. I needed a new outlet. Enter bookstagram and the book blogosphere!

Happy Reading!

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