Book Funsies, Top Ten Tuesday


This weeks Top 10 Tuesday has made me realize something about myself. There is a very clear theme here. I have a habit of adding a book from a new series to my TBR. Seems normal right? What isn’t normal is that the ONLY book I add to my goodreads TBR is the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the series. Never the first one. What is wrong with me? Now I have to go through and figure out if I want to remove all the sequels and just add the first one…Also I shouldn’t be allowed near bookstagram clearly, I think I see a shiny new book on there and feel the need to add it to my TBR. Without actually seeing if it’s the first one or not. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t love these books. And, actually I have recently read the first Truthwitch book in it’s series last month (Bloodwitch being #3), but I added Bloodwitch in October of 2019. Maybe I’m psychic?

Have you read any of these? Should I leave them in my TBR and add the first ones?

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