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Thank you The Broke and the Bookish for creating this every week! This is my first time participating, but I have been an avid follower 🙂


Top ten books we love but feel like we haven’t talked about in a while or enough

Poison Study by Maria Snyder

Those who know me know that I talk about this series all the time. But even then it doesn’t seem like enough. In addition this is not a series that often gets talked about in blogs, vlogs, bookstagrams or other book related paraphernalia. I love this series like no other and reread it at least once a year. It was the series that got me back into reading Fantasy as a genre! Aaaannnnnd now I want to reread it again….even though I just did like 2 months ago 🙂

Mediator by Meg Cabot

Another series that I cannot seem to get enough of that does not seem to get enough recognition. Who doesn’t love a book involving ghost ass kicking and a hot Spanish ghost?

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

This novel surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. Enough that I recommended it to my sister and several friends. I love Rachel Hawkins’ writing style throughout this trilogy and in her current on Rebel Belle.

Always the Bridesmaid by Whitney Lyles

I don’t read a lot of “chick lit” anymore, despite it being the main genre I used to read. But when I get the urge to go back this series is typically what I gravitate towards. It was an especially fun reread in the months before I was getting married!

Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

So I feel like I’m cheating here. When I say Nancy Drew I literally mean all of them. I feel like modern audiences do no appreciate Nancy Drew in the same way that my sister and I used to. While I know that’s not true, I’m sure there are plenty of young and new readers, I do think that this is a series that is always worthy of more praise!

Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson

This is one of the only newer books I have on here. The series is at least semi popular, if not popular, but I don’t talk about it as often as I like. I do photograph it on my bookstagram a lot, especially since the covers are all so gorgeous. It is no surprise that I love this book as much as I do since Fantasy is my favorite genre.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

It seems like Clare’s Infernal Devices series often gets completely overshadowed by he Mortal Instruments series. And with her newest trilogy just being released the shadow seems to be getting darker. This is not to say they are not wildly popular. For me, however, the Infernal Devices series was my favorite, and actually was the reason that I went back and read books 4-6 of the Mortal Instruments series. Originally I didn’t have as much of an interest since I felt the series ended well at book 3.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This book is amazing. Enough said. Also, it makes me want to actually learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons. I’m excited, yet nervous, for the upcoming movie.

Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson

Because I love ANYTHING Disney related there is no surprise that this has made my list. I  always had longed to be able to read stories that took place in my happy place – Disneyland. While these books (the majority at least) take place in Disney World it felt like the next best thing. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The Mean Reds by Katryn Alessandri

I doubt anyone who reads this will have heard of this book. It was written about 10 years ago by my sister. This semi autobiographical fiction is witty and real, feeling like you can step into characters shoes. Characters who are not perfect, who are flawed mentally and emotionally, but feel more realistic than most characters you read in most fiction.

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