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Books I’m excited about this month!

It seems like in the last 6 months I have really encountered something magical in the book community, most notably the bookstagram community! I have discovered a world of books that was more vast than the one I had been in. The biggest reason this came as a surprise was, until August of 2015 I had spent 8 years working in a big chain bookstore. I will never discount my time there however, it helped me grow my love of books surrounded by people who, for the most part, also had a love of books. Because of the love of books the bookstagram community holds I get to be geared up and excited for new book launches! Which gave me a sensation similar to, although never as intense, as waiting anxiously for the newest Harry Potter installment.

As a result each month brings more books that I’m super excited to get to pick up and burn through like oxygen.

  1. Remembrance by Meg Cabot

17302879My sister and I have been waiting for this novel for years before Meg Cabot even announced that she would be doing it. For over a decade we have loved Suze, although we have also wanted to wring her neck. Jesse was my first real book boyfriend and I’m hoping that this release of an adult-style addition to the series will make more people want to pick up the original 6 and read them! One of my favorite things about books is sharing them with people who may have never come in contact with certain ones. It’s like introducing two friends, you may be somewhat nervous that they wont get along, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they did!? Because then you would have that much more in common when you spent time together!

Now – technically this book did get released earlier this week on Tuesday 2/2, but because I’m going to a book signing with the glorious Meg Cabot next weekend on 2/13 I have convinced myself that the book isn’t actually out yet, and as such I couldn’t possibly have a way of reading it until next Saturday. I just need my self control to stay strong!

2. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard



This book needs to be in my hands now. I fell in love with the Red Queen last year when I was working with all the teen books at my store. I remember when it came in wondering what they hype was for this author I had never heard about. Since I had been working with teen books for so long it was unusual for me to know so little about a book release. Man am I happy that I jumped into the universe! I might have jumped in even faster had I been a real part of the bookstagram community at that point, but as far as I knew this was a random book release that somehow had instant popularity in my little department. Part of me is sad that it took me a few months to actually take the time to get my hands on my own copy to read, but another part of me is happy I held out. The last few months have been so hard waiting! I want to find out about Mare and Cal and even Maven. I can’t tell where everything is going, and part of me feels like even if I was able to predict what was coming in this book and the next that Victoria Aveyard would just be able to throw me for another loop like she did so completely in the Red Queen. I consider myself someone who can usually easily see through set ups to the bigger picture and plot, but Red Queen had be so completely enraptured in the story that I never saw anything coming.

I must admit, one of the reasons I had picked this book up in the first place was the main characters name, Mare. Mare is the nickname that my father calls me (name is Maren if you didn’t guess from the blog name). Also the name Maven seemed like a mash of my name as well. It was definitely odd.


Anyway, I’m sure there are many more releases for the month of February that I am excited about, but these 2 were on the top of my list for sure!

Special mention for Stars Above by Marissa Meyer too! Although I got that one in the mail already so I can’t really say I’m excited about it’s upcoming release!


Hugs & Kisses


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