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The Siren Book Review

Siren_BookCoverThe Siren by Kiera Cass

Published Date: January 26, 2016

336 Pages

I will start off by saying that I know that this novel by Kiera Cass was not actually a new release. It was a republishing of her first novel, being rereleased due to the high success of her Selection Series. I greatly enjoy The Selection and it’s sequels. I may not believe that they are the most thought provoking or earth shattering, but they tell a fun story that is a greatly enjoyable read. I went into The Siren with the same expectations. This novel is a standalone, with no planned sequels or additions to the universe. And the book progresses and ends in such a way as you are completely contented with the ending. Without giving too much away 🙂


This book follows a 19 (or 100 depending on how you look at it) year old girl named Kahlen who is a Siren for the Ocean. She has been a Siren for 81 years along with a few other girls, each of them serving as a Siren for the Ocean for a total of 100 years. Despite being almost done with her sentence as a Siren (in a manner of speaking) Kahlen is unhappy and feels as though her life is missing something. This book follows her over a year of her life trying to come to terms with what it would mean to be a Siren who falls in love with a mortal. The love story is sweet and you easily find yourself feeling all the happiness and sadness that Kahlen goes through at various points in the book. Her supporting cast of characters do not get as fleshed out as I would have liked, but they are definitely not brushed aside by any standard. They stand by Kahlen in everything that happens and you definitely are left with the feeling that these girls, the younger and the older, definitely think of themselves as something more than sisters. They are the only girls in the world who can understand what the others are going through and they will protect each other fiercely, no matter what the cost.

All in all I enjoyed this novel, as I believe I would always have a good time reading things that Kiera Cass writes. I am looking forward to The Crown, which is the final book (as far as I know) in The Selection series.


Book Score 4/5

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