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Hello fellow bookworms!

A little bit about me! My name is Maren and I consider myself a bookworm for life. There may be years where my list is shorter, but I never leave the house without at least one book. My preferred reading genre is YA Fantasy, at least for the last few years that’s what it has been!

I’ve been dabbling in a bookstagram, @marenbobarenreads, for the last few months and have had a Nancy Drew centered book blog that my sister ran and I would be a random contributor on. But I decided that will all the books I read I wanted a place to write down my thoughts and musings about them!

I’ve been an avid reader for the last 27 and my bookshelves have grown considerably. They may not be the prettiest looking, lots of books crammed into different cases spread all over my house, but year after year I collect more. Now it feels like my house is filled with old friends. Some that I will only meet and have a great time with once, and some who we have a lifelong relationship that get’s revisited year after year.

Hopefully this book blogging journey will be as fun as I’m hoping! Happy Reading everyone!



4 thoughts on “Hello fellow bookworms!”

      1. open your instagram in a new tab on your web browser, then copy the URL. Go to the post and click ‘Edit’, then highlight your instagram username and click the ‘chain’ up in the edit bar (if you hover over it, it should say “Insert/edit link”), then past the URL into the top box, click “Add Link”, then click “update” and it should be all good 🙂 Hope this helps!


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